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Human Resources Services
  • HR Strategy and Planning

  • HR Compliance

  • HR Management

  • Recruitment & Talent Management

  • Performance Management

  • Training and Development

  • Employee Relations

  • Succession Planning

  • COVID-19 Resources 


We offer companies services needed to create comfortable, yet productive work atmospheres.


The Human Resources field is critical for recruiting the most useful em-ploy, efficient successors and prolific work dynamics. Your business needs are essential to realizing your goals and we are here to assist with reaching potential and more.

College & Career Readiness

The College & Career Readiness Program

P.L.O.T. (Prolific Leaders of Tomorrow) is a series of workshops focused on helping high school students (grades 10th -12th), develop a specific career path.


We provide several ways students can use to develop a career plan, supported by college and career readiness resources and one on one consulting.


The students will understand and be able to articulate the match between their personal interests/goals and their preparation plan for college/careers.

One-on-One Consulting 

Job Searching? Applying for School?


We can assist with the following:

  • Personal statements

  • College Applications

  • Resumes/Cover Letters

  • Interview Etiquette

  • Job Searching


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