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Prolific Leaders of Tomorrow (P.L.O.T)

Do you have a high school full of promising students? Do you know someone with a teen who is looking to plan a life after high school?

Exquisite Consulting Group, LLC offers various services to aid in the college/career readiness process. We believe in letting our flawless expertise assist with your business needs.

We believe that planning a future is paramount. We understand that going to college is not for everyone, but we do not let that limit how we can help the young individuals find their path. We help students with the college process, as well as preparing for the workforce. Our main objective for our clients is to create a service that is beneficial, specific to the teenager. Each preferred service can be tailored to your specific needs.

Here at ECG, our consultants are skilled and practiced professionals who are ready to design and execute personalized actions plans, which come in the form of: seminars, workshops, training, tutoring, etc. Whatever your goal is, our company will offer our best services to achieve the mission.


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